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Apr 27, 2012 09:49 AM

Have any vegans been to Cellar 849 in Plymouth,Mi? Any good?

I'm always on the lookout for a new pizza place and Cellar 849 looks awesome, but I haven't heard any vegan info on it. I'll probably call them at some point, but until my laziness subsides, have any of you been there, was it good, and how does it compare to other vegan-friendly pizza places in the area? I'm from Northville if that helps. Other places I've been: Michigo, Jets, Buddy's, Palermos, Tony Saccos, and Silvios. I love pizza.... :)

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  1. I'm not vegan/vegetarian, but others here on the boards have commented quite positively about the place. Be mindful that, to my knowledge, none of them are vegan/vegetarian either, but they do have high standards.

    Especially because you live nearby, I'd take the leap of faith and see what they can do. Give 'em a call, and if they do, in fact, offer vegan choices, put them through their paces and see how they do. It seems like it's a pretty safe bet, but then again: how does one do cheese without animal products?

    1. Please, just go. I recommend the napoletana pizze rosse with mushrooms and potatoes, with a side of warm olives, and--- asssuming you have someone else also eating--- a hold-the-cheese arugula salad. 849 does not offer vegan meats/cheeses to my knowledge, but it's been too long since my last visit (eastsider syndrome). The homemade wine is a must, unless you lack heart and hate fun.

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        The pizza is very good - ask them to cook it well done - an extra 20 seconds or so. They seem to have gone away from the original wine bar concept and are focusing more on the pizzas. They changed the wine program last fall - they no longer offer homemade wine or tasting flights. It's a basic wine list - leaning heavily Italian - the staff isn't very knowledgable about the wines and wine service is non existant.

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          Glad to hear about the change in the wine selection....the crap they were selling was horrid but the pizza was OMGWTFBBQ good.

      2. Thanks! Yah, I took a look at their menu online and it just sounds so awesome, but I agree with the cheese comment. I was a cheese-aholic about 2 years ago, and then became vegan and MOST vegan cheese is bogus. Yah, you heard me! :) But alas I won't revert so now I have to find a good pizza without cheese or with daiya mozzarella (like Michigo). Now- cheese w/o animal products... make the VegNews mac and cheese and you'll be shocked. No fake ingredients involved. :) I'll be sure to go and give it a try and I'll report back when I do... that pizza rosse sounds absolutely amazing. THANKS!

        1. Well we went yesterday and took the pizzas home because we live very close. The place smells so amazing! They had just opened and looked like they were adding more wines when we arrived. We don't drink so the wine thing is not a deal breaker for us. We got the original and the mushroom and they were the best vegan pizzas we've had yet! Even if I hadn't been vegan, they smell and taste like a real Italian pizza should. My mouth is watering for them as I speak. A little pricey for the size because my husband and I could easily each eat a whole one. Possibly even part of a third if we were starved to death. About $10-13 a pizza. Our usual to-go place is Jets or we will get frozen Amy's (which I'm obsessed with). But this is hands down the best pizza anywhere near us. The wood fired taste is unmatched anywhere in this region. I used to think tomatoes apizza was the bomb, but this place wins hands down. YUM! My husband said before bed last night, "We're getting more of that pizza today... I don't care!" lol.

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            That's good to hear. I'm not surprised that it was a bit on the pricy/small side, but the old Clorets slogan does pop to mind: "Costs a little more, but it's worth it." If the quality is that high, it stands to reason that you're (rightly) going to pay more for it.

            Sounds like a winner for everyone. I have to say...I was a bit apprehensive when you said "We took them home..." as that can often be a prelude to a disaster. Thankfully, it held up.