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Apr 27, 2012 07:58 AM

Where to watch Mayweather/Cotto fight while eating/drinking well?

So we are a group of between 8-10 guys who will be in town next weekend. It seems that MGM has already blacked out all non-MGM properties from showing the fight. When I contact an MGM property, all they are saying is you can watch it in the convention center @ $85 a pop. Preferably I would love to park myself down in a nice restaurant and watch it. I know that is probably a pipe dream. But does anybody know where else (other than the convention center!) to watch this fight, drink good beer and eat good food while watching Cotto pull off a huge upset (well, that's a pipe dream too, but remember Buster Douglas!). TKIA for your help!

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  1. Sadly LVI, it may be a pipe dream. I doubt anyone will be able to help you for the reasons mentioned above. Anywhere decent that might show it would be doing so illegally. We have attempted the same at several restaurants in the past (i.e., offer to purchase through cable/satellite provider) and often times the provider's settings prohibit the purchase outright. Unlike the UFC which offers packages to bars etc., boxing does not. If you want to watch Cotto smack Floyd around in real time, it probably will have to be on CCtv.