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Apr 27, 2012 06:55 AM

Indian spices in Brooklyn

Any advice on where to go in Brooklyn to find a good selection of Indian spices?

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  1. several alternatives
    Patel Grocery, 5th Ave in the mid-50s a very respectable well kept small gujarati grocery, curry leave and some veg in addition to spices, dal, desi dahi, etc.
    Church Ave - bangladeshi stores, including bangla Nagar. I find the stores in this area to be rather disorganized and funky, but they are nevertheless interesting and worth visiting. Tend to have more produce, fish and meat as well as spices and other dry grocery products
    D'Vine Taste has some but I wouldnt put it in the same category

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      Specifically, per jen kalb post above: Church Avenue ("F" & "G"-train)...between McDonald Avenue and Dahill Road is a cluster of Bangladeshi shops, also another recently opened one near McDonald and Avenue C. "Sughanda" has respectable samosas, both veg & meat.

      Also Coney Island Avenue between Newkirk Avenue and Avenue H (can take the "Q" to either) - intense Pakistani grocery and restaurant zone but with much the same items. Stop into "Bukhari" for some excellent kababs at $1 apiece.

      1. re: Mike R.

        sorry Mike, I forgot about the whole Punjabi strip on CIA. thats a good source too but Ive stopped going down there since it got built up and parking got more intense.

          1. re: jeeg

            Went to Patel Grocery (4th ave 53/54), yesterday. What a great place, had everything you need and then some for proper Indian cooking. Really nice owners who can help identify everything.

            Thanks for the suggestion!