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Apr 27, 2012 06:45 AM

alternative to asian legend? in markham or richmond hill-

looking for a place similar to asian legend for a birthday dinner tomorrow night

wants are good food and a busy restaurant - it doesnt need to be nice inside

we live downtown and dont venture north very much so hoping someone can help me

i'm asking for an alternative because we went to asian legend last year on this birthday and loved it -- just would like to try something new.

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  1. If your whole birthday party is driving up north, then IMHO it's not worthwhile to endure the traffic and pay the cost of gas to go to another asian legend like resto. The whole point of driving out of the downtown TO is to experience the high quality and variety of chinese food the city has to offer.

    For Richmond Hill, try a place like Emperor which has excellent service and very nice interior. I think they have a lobster special on sundays (better confirm it w/ Charles Yu first). You could also try Omei's lobster 4 ways for a very unique meal. Best to order off their chinese menu if possible.

    In Markham, go for Brilliant's Peking duck or stuffed glutinous rice (pre-order needed). If you want super spicy, maybe Ba She Ren Jia on steeles near pacific mall will numb your taste buds.

    All these places should fit your criteria... 1) Good food, 2) busy and 3) up north.

    1. Well if you want food similar to Asian Legend and you do not mind a hole in the wall then Northern Dumpling Kitchen might be right up your alley. I love the dumplings and noodles there. If you are a fan of garlic and not afraid of fatty pork try the sliced pork with spicy garlic sauce.
      550 Hwy 7 E
      Unit 52A
      Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Z4

      (905) 881-3818

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      1. I like Asian Legend. I love Chili Secrets. They are very similar in menu (northern chinese) to Asian Legend.