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Apr 27, 2012 05:38 AM

Green Pig Bistro (Clarendon)

Hi everyone, I'm new to the DC area but not new to Chowhound. Have enjoyed some pleasant dinners with Steve and I also got signed up for the Chowdown list. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Anyway, I just did some reading about this relatively new place and noticed no one's talked about it yet here. I'm thinking of doing dinner there tonight, and was curious if anyone has been? Very interesting since I heard it described as one of the most offal-focused restaurants in the area. I'm an extremely adventurous eater and I'm big fan of places like Feast in Houston or Animal in L.A.. Really wanted to know what dishes have been must-try or stellar! Thanks!

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  1. Sorry, haven't been, but I just had to tell you that I LOVED Feast. I still dream about it, and it's been several years since I ate there.

    Oh, and welcome to the DC area, air!

    1. I've been. Great place! Try the Ox heart Reubens; the pig ear tacos; the food is great. Bring an appetite and leave room for dessert.
      They don't take reservations for parties under 6, so a little later in the evening is usually better depending on the day.

      1. Green Pig Bistro has the rare appeal of being creative but not fussy, just the kind of excellent food that you hear about in other cities but we do not get in this area... until now.

        Their tomato salad made me think: shouldn't EVERY place have a tomato salad on the menu in the summer? The crispy pig tacos had some nice meat and plenty of extra crispy chicharones. The fried pimento cheese was nice and not what I expected: balls of cheese batter dipped and fried golden brown with a red pepper sauce. I probably wouldn't order this again, though, as making a pimento cheese sandwich at home can be very rewarding as well.

        Dessert was a cake topped with peanut butter ice cream, some sauteed chopped banana, and a chocolate sauce. Very good stuff.

        I could see this being a regular casual spot for anyone who cares about good food.

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          Crispy pig tacos were the weakest dish I'd had in my meal there since they were more on the chewier side. I'll probably have to come back and try out the tomato salad though since it sounds like it'd really hit the spot.