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Apr 27, 2012 05:00 AM

Coupons and Deals

This stickied thread is the place to mention local restaurant deals and coupons from sites like Groupon, Living Social, etc. Periodically, we'll delete the expired deals, in order to clean out the old deals and make it easier to find new deals. You can help keep this thread current by using the "Report" link on an expired deal.

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- Please don't post every deal indiscriminately. This is Chowhound, not Cheaphound -- pick deals that you think your fellow hounds will be genuinely interested in, because they're from restaurants worth visiting. And feel free to comment on your experiences with the restaurant or recommend dishes -- more chow tips will make the threads more helpful. And others should feel free to reply and discuss. If we end up with a good sub-thread with more than a few posts going about a specific restaurant, please just use 'report' to flag it, and the mods can split it out to its own thread.

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  1. Groupon just put out a coupon for RM Seafood. $46 for two $36 entrees and a carafe of wine. Seems like a great deal.

    PS I have already posted this but wanted to move it to the "proper" place.

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    1. re: eastbaysanfranman

      Weera Thai is the other Issan restaurant in town. Yelp has a pay $10 for a $20 certificate available:

      We dined there for the first time last month - here are some comments on our dining experience:
      This small restaurant has received favorable press so I entered with high expectations. We started off with Thai egg rolls which were grease free and packed with fresh tasting ingredients. For entrees we shared orders of nom tuk moo - sliced pork with rice powder, spices, lime juice and chili plus shrimp glass noodle pot - shrimp, black pepper and ginger baked with glass noodles. We concluded the meal with a cup of coconut ice cream. All our dishes were top notch and our waitress was a delight.

      1. re: westie

        Comme Ca

        Burger and Bourbon Meal for One or Dinner for Two with a Bottle of Rosé (Half Off)

        Groupon 5-day offer

        Choose Between Two Options
        $20 for a burger and bourbon meal for one (a $40 value)
        $51 for a dinner for two (up to a $103 value)
        • Two entrees (up to a $32 value each)
        • Bottle of rosé (a $39 value)

        Expires Sep 12, 2012

        1. re: westie

          Another 5- day Groupon offer; Origin India is offering a "three course" meal for two. The quotes are in place because the appetizer and dessert are shared. Here are the details.

          $27 for an Indian Dinner for Two (Up to $55.95 Total Value)
          •One appetizer (up to a $9 value), such as tandoori-cooked lamb kebab
          •Two entrees (up to a $20 value each), such as Old Delhi–style chicken tikka makhani or Southern Indian-style diced lamb stir fry with curry leaves served alongside lemon rice
          •One dessert (up to a $6.95 value), such as rice pudding or kulfe

          Here's the link:

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. The restaurants in Aria are offering some pretty good deals. Click on the link next to the restaurant name to get the full selection vs. the sample provided. Start @ 39.99 of three courses.

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        1. re: Philber

          Groupon is offering a good deal on Pamplemousse Le Restaurant for the next 3 days.

          1. re: westie

            Groupon is currently offering deals on 2 old Las Vegas standbys, Golden Steer and Pamplemousse, These offers expire available through 6/20.

            Note - there is also an offer Comme Ca.

            1. re: westie

              Groupon is currently offering a deal on RM Seafood (downstairs). Sustainable Seafood Dinner for Two with Two Entrees and a Carafe of On-Tap Wine (Up to $92 Value) for $46.


                1. re: Philber

                  The Las Vegas Advisor (LVA) has recently posted that Comme Ca is offering a 3-course $17.50 lunch. I cannot find the menu online, but the sample given was a a steamed mussels entree, a 3 cheese appetizer and dessert. Comme Ca's website indicates lunch is served Fri-Sun from noon to 5PM.

        2. In addition to the great Cut of the Week special at Charlie Palmers they are now offering a free bottle of wine with every two entrees ordered. I am sure it isn't top shelf wine, but CP will always serve a decent wine and the price is right!

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          1. re: Philber

            I found a press release posted about Comme Ca's new 3-course lunch menu:

            Some of the highlights include a Croque Madame with honey baked ham, gruyère cheese and Mornay sauce; oven-roasted tomato tartine with goat cheese and arugula; and classic French toast with noble handcrafted maple syrup, pistachio-honey butter and seasonal berries. The new Quick Lunch lets diners choose an appetizer, entrée and dessert for $17.50.

            1. re: westie

              For an upscale happy hour, check out Michael Mina's Nobhill Tavern at MGM. The Tue-Fri 5:30PM to close happy hour offers $6 apps, hand crafted cocktails and wine.

              1. re: westie

                Here's the menu: Looks like a decent deal - thanks for the tip!

                1. re: vcinbc

                  Groupon has 2 offers for Pamplemousse

                  $25 for $50 worth of French cuisine for parties of two or more
                  $50 for $100 worth of French cuisine for parties of four or more

                  These certificates expire 60 days from the date purchased.

                  Note: also offers discounted certificates to Pamplemousse.

                  1. re: westie

                    KSHP has a deal, $19 for $40, for Meat and Three in Henderson. The owner, Chris Herrin, has received rave reviews for this recently opened restaurant as well his one- year old Bread and Butter. You will need a shoppers card to purchase online or you can call KSHP directly.


                    1. re: westie

                      Westie, I went to Bread and Butter 8 days ago and it was closed because the oven wasn't working. I was annoyed, because I had driven almost a half hour to get there, and a sympathetic manager at B&B, who happened to be walking to Meat & Three, and was kind enough to give me the poop. I had the porchetta, carrot salad, and strawberry shortcake pudding. By the looks of the items on other tables, I should have tried the Brussels sprouts. I'd rate the food about a B-, but I only tried those three items. It was popping at 1:00 p.m. on a Sunday.

            2. American Express Card -- $25 Statement Credit through AmEx's Small Business Saturday Promotion:


              This is the 3rd year of this Shop Small Promotion. As Chowhounds, I am sure you will utilize this credit for a food related purchase. Support your favorite independent restaurant or market.

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              1. re: Norm Man

                Per the Las Vegas Advisor: N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms is offering a three-course prix-fixe menu for $65. It comes with bottomless wine pairings at no additional charge. Available nightly from 5 to 7 p.m.

                1. re: westie

                  Nove is also offering a three-course prix-fixe menu for $55 - bottomless pairings included.

                  1. re: Philber

                    Milos has a locals deal good through Dec 25. Book a table for 4 and receive a complimentary bottle from a choice of hand-selected boutique Greek wines.