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Apr 27, 2012 03:09 AM

Best traditional pizza delivery in Owings Mills, MD?

In a couple of weeks I'll need to order a bunch of pies for a meeting but since I'm a Chowhound and a NY pizza snob I won't settle for some thick, soggy, greasy goop. What's the best option in the area for whole pie delivery that will come as close to what I love about real NY-style pizza joint pizza? There's Vito's on Resisterstown rd and maybe another Vito's in the area and I know there are other places. I will probably "audition" a few at lunch but single slices and pies are often so different. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. I afraid that Vito's is about as good as it's going to get. It's serviceable, but the Pikesville/Owings Mills corridor is not configured for NY pizza snobs...

    If someone has found a gem, please post. In the meantime, as a New Yorker, you can take solace in decent bagels at Goldberg's and hand-cut belly lox at Ed Mart.

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      After getting something else last time I did get Vito's for a recent meeting. They don't deliver until 5 so I had to pick it up but otherwise it was actually pretty damn good and went over really well. Beware the prices on the website. They're woefully out of date.

    2. While there is no true NY style pizza in OM, what about Upper Crust in Valley center on Reisterstown road. Their pizza is really good, They have a really good meat pizza with veal and really thinly sliced pepperoni. I would say better that Vito's which I agree with the previous post is as good as you are going to get. As a former new yorker, I can say with confidence that there is no pizza in OM that will compare to NY.

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        Upper Crust has recently been is now a Seasons Pizza....a chain,mediocre at best
        Unfortunately they took out the wood burning oven which made Upper Crust better than most of the chains in the area
        If you want authentic pizza....I reccomend Mia Carolina In Glyndon although they don't deliver.
        For delivery the Big Cheese is pretty good and they do least its not a chain

      2. There is a place that just opened a bit north from Vitos in the shopping center on OM Blvd just north of the 7 Eleven. Little Tony's? The pie last time we went was especially good. Particularly, the crust was fresh and tasty and tasted like when I perform a proper double proof at home. The rolls they use for the subs are also a spot above the usual Owings Mills crap too.