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Apr 27, 2012 01:16 AM

any restaurants in London serving gull's eggs?

We love eating gull's eggs at J Sheekey in London about this time of year, but would also like to try other restaurants in London serving them. Could you please tell me about other restaurants in London serving gull's eggs and also, if you know, the way they cook them. Thanks

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  1. I know the Young Turks are serving them at the Ten Bells but I'm not sure in what way. You might squeeze in a cancellation before the weekend but I think Saturday is their last night in their current incarnation.

    1. St John do them on the bar menu. I'm not sure it's all the time so I'd check first.

      1. You should check the Hix restaurants or Corrigans both strong on zbritish products but also both quite seasonal so may vary from time to time.

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          i saw them on the menu at hix oyster & chop house yesterday. i've seen them at barrafina too, in previous years.

        2. Curious (but not curious enough) so what do they taste like, duck eggs or balut?

          1. By chance I've been trolling around menus in preparation for a trip in July, and Quo Vadis in Soho has them.