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Apr 26, 2012 10:42 PM

Federal Donuts on Saturday?

I'd like to finally try the chicken at Federal Donuts on Saturday around lunchtime before heading to the Antique Show. Any advice on when I need to show up, and how long I will need to wait in line? Anyone been there recently on a Saturday?

All I can say is FD had better be dang good. I can't think of many places worth waiting in line for (maybe half-off day at Per Se?)!

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  1. Weekends are easier because I believe they stay open longer. If you want to have it for lunch. I would queue up at 11:30.

    1. i went on a saturday once. i happened to get there around 1130a, and the place was not yet packed, but they were also not yet giving out the ticket/queue numbers. so i got donuts (all the fancies were already sold out) and waited around inside. around 1145a or so, they started handing out tickets, and i think i was like 15th order.

      i should mention that when they hand out the tickets, you need to specify how many tickets you want, where 1 ticket = 6 wings OR half chicken. i don't believe there is a limit on how many tickets you request.

      so while i was given the 15th and 16th tickets, there were only 4-5 people ahead of me in line.

      i think i waited maybe 30 minutes from the time i got my tickets, to the time i walked out the door with the chicken. (so more like 45 minutes total wait time since i got there at 1130a)

      at 1145a the place was jammed, so just be prepared to possibly be waiting with a lot of people in the tiny storefront.

      but i think getting there around 1130a is a good time.

      i liked the chicken, but i honestly didn't think it was 'mind-blowing'. i can make better fried chicken at home using d.chang's recipe in momofuku, but to me, it's the seasonings that elevate the chicken. i feel like the chicken was a little on the salty side, probably due to over-brining.

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        There is a limit. 1 full chicken per person. I think they make more chicken on weekends, as they have had chicken available around 5pm on weekends. Perhaps because their normal weekday crowd is a lunch crowd.

        1. re: cwdonald

          when i was there on a saturday (back in march), i don't think there was a limit on the chicken: the guy ahead of us got 2.5 chickens. and once on a weekday, we got 1.5 chickens.

          maybe things changed since they were featured in the NYT?

          1. re: purplesachi

            I was there around the time they first opened and they were limiting it to one chicken per person. Perhaps they have partially solved their capacity issues or the glitter has worn off the chicken (sorry for the mixed metaphor... ).

      2. the chicken is good, but I agree, not the best I ever had. If you should up bout 1130, actually grab a seat at the counter, you can be out within an hour it moves pretty fast, and staff is effeciient. Its fun to do like once or with a whole lot of people.