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Apr 26, 2012 09:58 PM

Most adventurous food in NY

Hi Chowers! Me and my buddy have a day off and a car tomorrow and are trying to explore some weird cuisine in Brooklyn and Queens. We're looking to try anything fringe or foreign or completely unexpected... you know weird by existingly weird standards. Any and all suggestions would be great!

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  1. The sizzling fish skillet at Sik Gaek. You are presented with an enormous skillet of live-ish sea creatures who die before your eyes...and then you eat them.

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    1. re: chompchomp

      Wow! That looks freakin' awesome!!!

      1. re: BrettLove

        It is pretty bananas. I've only been on a weekday, when it was relatively mellow, but I understand it gets pretty rowdy on weekends; which only adds to the mayhem. Watching a sizzling octopus perish and a live lobster clap its claws for the last time is really quite a spectacle.

      2. re: chompchomp

        Yeh, unfortunately when I went, everything was overcooked and had no flavor. The place is more a hang out for early 20 somethings who want to go eat lots of food and drink lots of beer, cheap.

      3. Himaylian /desi/chinese in Jackson Heights....37th avenue and 75th & 76th Street.....bring a fire extinguisher for your gut!!!!not all of hot, but great food!!!!

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          1. For my last birthday we went to Rego Park and got the lamb fat kebab at Cheburechnaya. think bacon, but less salty, entirely devoid of lean, and intensely lamb-ey. really good.