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Apr 26, 2012 08:39 PM

30th Birthday Dinner in Philly

Hi All,

I'm turning 30 tomorrow and I am in town for work with some coworkers (10 of us will be dining).

We were trying to figure where to go to eat tomorrow.

We are from LA and a lot of us are foodies. We want to stay at about 30-40$ per person (not including alcohol).

We are open to all cuisines and a restaurant near our hotel would be awesome (Downtown Marriott) but we are willing to cab it too.

Thank you for the suggestions!!

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  1. 10 people last minute on a friday your biggest limitation is going to be finding somewhere with space.. Quick look at Open Table shows you can get into Chifa and Sampan at a reasonable time, both are close to the hotel and pretty good. JG Domestic and Fork are available if you can eat early/late, you'd take a cab. You can also try calling Fond in South Philly, it's BYO, not on Open Table, and very good, I've had some luck getting last minute reservations for groups there even though it's tiny. Not far by cab.

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      10 people at Fond is like 1/2 the restaurant!

      1. re: ftarazu

        I've done 8 on a weekend night before.