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May 26, 2003 11:16 PM


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Does any one know where you can find pasties in San Diego? Does any one know what a pasty is???

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  1. Try the gold country. Lots of pasties up there.

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    1. re: wally

      Shakespeare's Corner Shoppe which is at 3719 India St. in San Diego has pasties(phone #(619)683-BRIT)

      It might be worth calling the British Food Center(138 Solana Hills Dr. Solana Beach(phone #(858)755-6161) though they tend to be rather unhelpful at times :(

      1. re: u16 girl

        They're not very good but the Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is the local name for Tesco and they do sell frozen Cornish Pasties in their freezer section. Sadly, they're a pale imitation of a real Cornish Pasty.

    2. For anyone not familiar with them, they're pronounced as passed-tees (not like those paste-on things that strippers used to wear in the old days before Cheetahs and its ilk).

      As a lad in the 60s, I used to hang out at a bar in San Marcos where I met a couple from Cornwall in England. They used to make Cornish Pasties and sell them one-by-one. They were kind of like empanadas, a pastry crust filled with meat and potatoes. The couple, whose name escapes me, went into business, and for a few years I saw Cornish Pasties in the frozen food section of lots of San Diego markets. I suspect they didn't make it in the long run, though, as I haven't seen them for years.

      However, the British store in La Mesa ("All Things Bright and British") has a small selection of frozen foods from the UK, and I think I may have seen some there. Give her a call. Good luck.
      . . jim strain in san diego.

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        According to the Frommer guide (I Googled it), they have pasties at the Princess Pub in Little Italy. I've been there quite I few times, but I guess I was always zoned in on the brew list, so I never got past the fish and chips.

        Apparently they used to be something of a specialty at the old Victoria Station in Solana Beach, but the Royal Mail doesn't stop there any more (it's been torn down).
        . . jim strain

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          There was also a retail store along with the trains which moved to 2860 State Street in Carlsbad.I'm not sure they have them there,it might be worth calling Irene, who is the owner, to find out if they are one of the things that they have in their refrigerator.

          The phone # for Bit Of Britain is (760)439-9130

          Somewhat disappointing that they had to move but they are closer to where I live(I live in Oceanside) ;) so it's a *good* thing.

          Speaking of British stores,the British Food Store in Solana Beach has a pretty good selection of British food, etc. but the people who work there are not particularly friendly :(

          1. re: U16 girl
            Carol in California

            I made really good pasties using beef suet in the crust...very authentic!

      2. You could try the Shakespeare Pub on India St. They might have them.

        1. We have them here in Sacramento. Meyer's Pastie Shack on J Street.

          1. Princess Pub does have them. I rarely order them out because, having been raised on them (my dad was from the UK), I make them at home all the time.