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Apr 26, 2012 08:24 PM

When the poster really hates where you referred them.. [moved from General Topics]

I think we've all been the place, always had great experiences and you recommend your fave place and you can't wait to hear about it and then the trip report finally gets written and they hated everything about the place.
Do you immediately send off a knee jerk response or laugh it off and go, it's great when we were there..

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  1. I have had only a few of those. It has me wish I had never made the recommendation because readers may give more credence to the negative opinion than mine and a good resto gets a bad rap.

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    1. Sadly, I must admit I am usually the one who gets the "it's great" recommendation and I usually hate the place. I rarely make suggestions, because it's my feeling most people who think they know food aren't very knowledgeable.

      I once had some suggest an Italian place to me and when I went I hated it. I asked them what they had when they were there and they said "a house salad to start and a filet mignon butterflied well done, it was great." I rolled my eyes and never took another recommendation.

      As for your original question. I live near a place that has the best burgers. Nothing fancy, just really good. I suggested the place and they bashed it. I found out later, they ordered it well done and put A-1 sauce on it. Yikes!

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        I find I kind of get to know, after years on Chowhound, who does know food, or even have the same likes as I do. There also needs to be a lot of good feedback, or bad, to make me want to try/not try a place. Still, I have tried some places with great feedback and been totally disgusted... can you say Fig and Olive?

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          I "follow" some people's comments on CH and if they like it and people I know didn't I try it. If they hated it and my friends liked it. I refuse to try it. I give Chers a lot more credit probably than they deserve, but I think if you are willing to take the time to give your thoughts on a meal, you are a lot more serious than people who dine at red sauce, sushi chains and love Five guys.

      2. I just recommended this site to a poster on another board and added the caveat "of course opinions on food are subjective". All in all I have been lucky in Chowhound recs keeping in mind, of course, what they ordered.

        1. I find if it's a beloved poster that you've followed and trusted through the years and to find they hated it and you start questioning your own taste and judgement...

          1. Knee jerk response with some cursing thrown in for good measure. It gets removed within a few hours, but it probably felt so good to write.

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              hee hee...or me when I'm giving unrealistic times to get from A to B..

              ; )