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Apr 26, 2012 06:26 PM

Boston Fruit CSA?

Hey Chowhounds! I've loved having a vegetable farm share, and I'm looking to branch out...does anybody know of a good fruit or egg share in the Boston area?

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  1. It's not a CSA but you can have a fruit delivery from Boston Organics.

    We are doing their mixed fruit and vegetable in winter but we'll switch to all fruit as soon as the summer markets open. You can also stop and start when you need to do that. We were traveling on and off so stopped for the past month and will go back on in May.


    1. Why not just hit the local farmer's markets?

      1. Farmer Daves has a fruit share. It is for 13 weeks and starting in a few weeks. Check out their website for full information. They have numerous pick up locations.

        1. Red Fire Farm does both fruit and egg shares. I didn't think the fruit share was a good value, but have been very happy with the veggies and eggs so far.

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            Hi Klunco, I have done the Red Fire fruit share before and the shares get bigger as the season goes on- peach and melon time you really get more than you would expect I think. I think in the beginning its just strawberries

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