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Apr 26, 2012 05:08 PM

Chow in Raleigh, NC for one night, looking for a great restaurant.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a must try place in Raleigh? Not over the top, price wise, but good food.

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  1. You'll get better suggestions if you can talk more about things like location preference, cuisine preference and what you mean by "not over the top, price wise".

    You might also want to do a search on here for previous posts, such as:

    1. I think Poole's Diner is the best in Raleigh, but the links carolinadawg provided will give you some other ideas.

      1. I love both Glenwood Grill and 18 Seaboard for wonderful simple yet sophisticated food at a good price (though not cheap). The atmosphere at each of these feels comfortable yet special enough that I'll be celebrating my birthday at one of them.