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Apr 26, 2012 04:44 PM

Spring peas and ramps in SE MI {DTW}

If one was not privy to the best foragin' spots for peas and ramps (perhaps morrells) is there a <white horse> style resto that serves springs bounty in SE MI??

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  1. Not sure about restaurants, but I did find ramps and green garlic at some farmers markets. Green garlic, two weekends ago, Royal Oak Farmers Market. Ramps, last weekend, Eastern Market. I expect this weekend, and perhaps next, might be the last chance to snag some of these spring goodies at farmers markets.

    1. Cafe Muse this week has been featuring a dish of grilled ramp bulbs, mushrooms and a smoked tomato almond puree, over rice. Sounds good, and I dig the idea of jumping on the spring harvest while the gettin's good, but their braised short rib sandwich was calling me.
      (Thanks to Rainsux for highlighting this offbeat place.)

      1. there were ramps and fiddlehead ferns at plum market a few days ago. not sure about the pricing.

        1. Don't know what a <white horse> style resto means, but the Root in White Lake just had a spring dinner that featured ramps, fiddleheads, morels, etc.

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            Didn't mean to get all Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds but meant the Historic White Horse Inn (Metamora MI) which meant worth the drive on a beautiful April weekend and all the responses were welcomed. Yours too Mr. Mark. ;-))

          2. We dug a 1/2 bag full of ramps last week in Lewiston area and found 2" black morels. With the rain the last few days and warm weather, you all should head north. Have never found either in this area but we do not comb the woods around here. Somebody offered a foraging trip near AA last year, I think. We grill our ramps and also make biscuits, using bulbs, stems and leaves.