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Apr 26, 2012 04:04 PM

Brooklyn source of active dry yeast in a jar?

I know I can buy it in bulk from, but first I'd like to know if anyone has seen jars (Red Star or Fleischmann's brand) of active dry yeast anywhere in (not too remote) Brooklyn? Thanks.

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  1. Red Star has a website. I put 11231 in the store locator app.

    Though it does stipulate: "Cake (fresh) yeast may have limited availability"

    1. Call Divine Taste on 7th Avenue. I know they have large bags of SAF Red Instant Yeast and other baking items...

      1. costco sells 1 lb packages. you can put in own jar/freeze.

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          Meat Hook in Williamsburg has vacuum sealed packs.

        2. Jars of yeast are commonly available in most supermarkets, usually near the flour and baking supplies. I'd be surprised if you couldn't find this.

          1. Thanks, all. 4 oz jars found at Super Stop & Shop in Flatbush. All the grocery stores near me seem only to stock the packets - these other sources are great to know about.