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Apr 26, 2012 02:49 PM

Downtown St. Paul Skyway for Lunch?

So, I got this new job in this foreign country called St. Paul. Interesting place, it's different than Minneapolis.

I see a lot of food trucks and skyway stores. Are there any places that are highly recommended?

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    1. re: gryffindor249

      It's a sad, sad skyway system compared to Minneapolis. Even 5 years later, I still miss working in the other downtown. Food trucks are one of the better options in the summer.

      If you're willing to just leave the skyway, my favorites are: - hot & cold buffets in the basement of the St. Paul Hotel has a $10 taco lunch and a $12 all-you-can eat taco buffet - sit at the oyster bar, get a burger or a bowl of matzo ball soup

      I second the recommendation for Ruam Mit, above. But just for takeout -- their lunch service can be dreadfully slow. I prefer Fuji-ya to Sakura, but it isn't skyway connected. Other decent sandwich/salad options:

      And see this recent thread re: the change in ownership/menu at Wilbur's and the Chinese place that has Korean Fridays (which I may try tomorrow).

      Finally, La Loma is opening in Town Square this summer. Will be a nice addition.

      1. re: gryffindor249

        The Four Inns is worth a look, if only to see a snapshot of what St. Paul was like 50 years ago. Hasn't changed a bit, in decor or food or service.

        1. Oops - just saw this thread. I assume you're still in downtown St P.

          If you can see food trucks, you're probably at the Kellogg/St. Peter/Rice Park end of downtown. Me, I'm at the other end (Mears Park), so what's close to me might be a long walk for you, but...

          My faves are:
          - Maison Darras for panini or quiche & salad. They make awesome cookies.
          - Oriental Restaurant (next to Maison D) on Fridays for Korean food.
          - Wilbers for banh mi
          - Asian Express (or A.E.2 in Galtier) for veg soup & Vietnamese spring rolls

          At Miguel's (near Potbelly) looks promising. I've been there once and liked what I had: chickpea-chorizo salad & Turkish grape leaves - from a can, but the good brand (I buy these myself, for parties)p

          Christos in the train depot has very good food and a lunch buffet. You can stuff yourself for $12 or $13? (includes a mini piece of baklava).

          Out of the skyway - I love Golden's Deli, but haven't been for a year. It's near the Farmers Market. Also near the FM, Heartland has a deli counter with very nice sandwiches, but it's slow, so I've only been once.

          Alas, Tanpopo isn't open for lunch, but if you can get at least 8 people together, you can order (48 hrs in advance) an awesome take-out bento lunch for $15. We did that once, and it was worth every penny.

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          1. re: AnneInMpls

            I'm in the 180 building, with D'Brian's downstairs--so I'm near Mears. If you're talking about the Asian express next to the Subway and Andreas........that place was horrible.

            Thanks for the suggestions folks.

            Does anyone know if all these food trucks take plastic? I'm reluctant to check them out because I never have cash with me.

            Also, has anyone checked out the grill that the Dunn Bros on 5th street fires up around lunch time? It looks like they're giving out dogs and burgers.

            1. re: alpa chino

              Yes, most of the food trucks take plastic! This site: lists which trucks take credit cards.

              It looks like the Thursday #Lunchbytheriver would be the closest to you and is worth checking out. Sassy Spoon and Neato's burgers are my favorites on Thursday.

              The stand by Dunn Bros. _sells_ burgers, grilled chicken, and a couple other things. It's mediocre and while I used to grab a burger there on occasion, I'd rather find a food truck now.

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            1. I've been making the rounds here in the skyway, based on recommendations.

              Maison Darras is pretty good for panini. For a light lunch, it's not bad. It's not very filling and a little pricey for what you get.

              The orient express, next door, has that excellent bi bim boo korean bowl. I have no idea if it's authentic korean, but it's a healthy bowl full of veggies, rice, and beef all for $8. Only on Fridays, but a great deal.

              Potbelly and La Loma are alright in a pinch.

              But the place I'm most impressed with is that Real meal deli. They have some high quality food. Their ingredients are outstanding and it's also healthy for the price. You can get a great sandwich for under $6.

              Four Inns isn't bad for breakfast, never had the lunch.