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Apr 26, 2012 02:05 PM

Breville Sous Chef vs Magimix ?

So I'm finally thinking about getting a food processor, and I want to get one that will be useful and stick with me for the long haul. I'm a pretty heavy duty user of all my kitchen things (I killed my immersion blenders until I got my beloved Bamix) and I also hate cleaning.

I was looking at the Cuisinart Elite 12 cup, but then I had my heart set on the Breville because it is BPA free, has lots of handy dandy tools, and tops the Consumer Report ratings.

But...then I looked at posts from you guys about food processors (because I feel guilty about the price!) and I saw a lot of people recommending the Magimix and Robot Coupe. Robot Coupe is out of my budget but the Magimix is the same price as the Breville, so it's doable if it's a better choice.

What do you guys think?

Also do you know if the motor shaft for either of these is metal or plastic?

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  1. A few years back, I looked at the Magimix as well as an upgrade to our old but still working Cuisinart CFP5. Made in France, I figured it would be as dependable as our Cusinart. After a couple of months of research, I settled on another Cuisinart, the DLC-X which is a 20 cup machine. It was larger, and actually came down to sticking with a brand I was familiar and comfortable with. No regrets. Well, the feed tube safety system takes some getting used to but it has been very good. Never a problem. The blades themselves are not adjustable, which seems to be very popular. While I cannot say with any certainty, I believe the Magimix is made by Robot Coupe or is a consumer division of the same. I do know that the brand Magimix has been used in Europe for a good many years, maybeas long as Cusinart has been used in the US. And the Cuisinart bowl and pusher/tube assembly are made of Lexan.

    1. I’ve used the Magimix machine for several years (the 14-Cup model) and it works like a gem. In my research I found out that Magimix food processors are made by Robot-Coupe (as noted here) and that Magimix is actually the creator of the first food processor – they’ve been in the business for decades. A big selling point for me was the fact that Magimix makes all of their food processors in France – they even manufacture their own motors, which are known to last an eternity (my grandmother has an older model that still runs!).

      One thing I would recommend considering is whether you anticipate using your food processor with different attachments. I use my Magimix with a Juice Extractor attachment and Dough Bowl attachment frequently. I’ve always had limited kitchen space and I like the way you can transform this machine for different uses.

      1. I am facing the same decision. Would you mind sharing which one (Magimix or Breville, or another) you decided to purchase? If so, what has been your experience and have you been pleased with your purchase?

        1. The Cuisinart Elite is BPA free too, says so right on their website. After looking at the Breville I can't see anything better other than the timer, and honestly I never do anything in the FP that requires a timer. Additionally the Cuisinart Elite comes with 3 work bowls to the Breville's 2 and the slicing blade is adjustable.

          1. Bumping this thread...

            I'm considering either the 12 cup Breville Sous Chef or the 12-cup Magimix from Williams Sonoma. I've had a mini-prep in the past, but this will be my first experience with a large food processor. These are what I'm currently considering:



            Any thoughts on which would be better to get? Or if you have a Breville or Magimix, why you like/dislike it? Are there any other BPA free processors to consider? Thanks so much!

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              I got the Breville a few months ago and have been generally happy with it. It's much more solidly built than my old 80's vintage Cuisinart (which still works fine, and now lives with my son). I make fresh horseradish quite often, peeling and cutting it into 1" - 2" chunks before pureeing, and while the Cuisinart did it OK, I practically had to hold it down at the start, where the Breville barely even vibrates. I particularly love the adjustable slicing blade; you can set it to slice anywhere from about 1mm (literally paper-thin) to almost 1cm, and the feeding tube is large enough to insert decent-sized potatoes without having to pre-cut them. Haven't tried the french fry cutter yet.

              The only thing I found frustrating was making a very thick cheese dough - after a certain point I had to take the semi-mixed dough out and knead it by hand. But then, I never tried to use the old Cuisinart for that at all, it just may not be a suitable recipe for a processor.