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Apr 26, 2012 02:01 PM

PLEASE CRITIQUE: NYC foodies w 3 year old want fantastic, non-touristic meals

Hello great Chowhounders!

My partner and I have been to New Orleans before but this is our first time traveling there with our well-ish-behaved-but-still-a-three-year-old 3 year old. Obviously we'll be doing plenty of eating at Jazz Fest but I wanted to run our plan for the rest of our time past y'all and get input. Thanks in advance for any/all suggestions!!!

Day 1:
Snack with kiddo at Soda Shoppe
Dinner at Cochon

Day 2:
Breakfast at Surrey's
Lunch at Boucherie
Dinner at Patois
(ideas for what to do with kid between Bouchon & Patois, besides general fun in the park, appreciated!)

Day 3:
Breakfast at Stanley!
Dinner at Dante's Kitchen

Day 4:
Breakfast at Elizabeth's
Dinner at Luke

Thoughts? Suggestions? Changes you would make?

Much obliged!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Cannot help as to the kid, being famously allergic to children, but the aquarium might fit the bill.
      Leaving the Jazz Fest you always have Liuzza's by the Track but it will be packed. Same for Mandina's. Cochon is great if you have never been to Acadiana & it serves a useful purpose in town giving visitors...and non-wandering idea of Cajun goodies. Dante's is alwasys fun. I'd add Clancy' is raucous enough that a child would likely not be noticed. Patois is delightful and I don't think you can go wrong there.

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      1. ditto zoo & acquarium & insectarium. daneel playground on corner of st. charles and octavia is also fun and near your uptown destinations. dominica at the roosevelt hotel is good for kids and parents. would also suggest sucre and la divina on magazine for sweets.

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          thanks, great suggestions. esp playground, always good to know about!!!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Since you'll be uptown on day 2, I would ride the streetcar to Audubon Park andwalk through the park to the zoo. If you don't have too much time be sure and go through the La. swamp exhibit. You'll see things there you won't find at other zoos.
            Just a thought, from a mom who's 11yo who has done Jazz Fest every year since she was 6weeks old (she's getting checked out of school today!)- having a 3 yo out at jazz fest all day and then asking them to sit through a nice dinner may be too much. Wouls a sitter be possible?