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Apr 26, 2012 01:53 PM

Last hurrah -- where to go?

I'm having a baby in three weeks, and I was thinking I might like to go out for a nice dinner with my husband (grandmother will be happy to babysit big sister, but from experience leisurely meals and babies do not mix for at least a few years). Where should we go? Ideal restaurant would be:

Destination, but not crazy expensive. (from experience, babies are also crazy expensive)

Not impossible to get a reservation with a week or two notice (I was thinking Osteria Mozza, but I don't really want to eat dinner at 5 pm)

Not really predicated on a great wine or cocktail list or raw fish or shellfish (I'm not the most conservative eater when pregnant, but I do have some limits)

Any suggestions? We live on the east side, but we're willing to drive.

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  1. Have you seen all the recent hubbub surrounding Red Medicine in Beverly Hills? If not take a gander at some of it here: We are going in a couple of weeks. We have loved everyone of our dinners at Animal on Fairfax in the WeHo adjacent area.

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      Red Medicine is certainly doing well.

      I remember that flap with the Times restaurant reviewer had a lot of people "vowing" never to eat there. They seem to have survived and thrived.

    2. Congrats. I had a baby four months ago and had several =Last Hurrah" dinners. Here are the highlights for me: Farm Shop, Lucques, Son of a Gun, Red Medicine, Picca, MB Post, Bazaar. Each is very different from the next, all delicious.

      1. I love Gjelina, which is definitely not crazy expensive, but it may be difficult to get in.

        I'd consider Chinois on Main, with bold flavors and everything served to share -- I'll bet you can get in and it is not crazy expensive if you go with the smaller dishes and split one large plate -- definitely either the sliced filet with szechwan sauce or the deep-fried catfish with ponzu.

        1. Il Piccolino on Robertson or Sotto

          1. Thanks! Red Medicine looks perfect. (I have been wanting to try Animal but it sounds pretty heavy) and I was able to get a table for next weekend.