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Apr 26, 2012 01:31 PM

pizza & pastry in Hershey

I've done searches on here for Hershey area restaurants and plenty of sandwich places and standard menu restaurants come up. Nobody has suggested any good pizza places yet. Does such a thing exist in the area or are chains pretty much the extent of it?

Looking for a mom 'n pop kinda pizza place -- either dine-in or take-out. We prefer a spicy sauce rather than a sweet one, and fresh ingredients (no canned veggies, please). Will be headed to Hershey with my husband and 3.5 year old next month and it would be nice to have a better-than-mediocre pizza option, if one exists. One can only eat so many sandwiches.

Also interested in recs for a good, local bakery in/around/near Hershey for treats such as in-house-made croissants, scones and muffins as a possible breakfast/snack option. Excellent coffee a plus.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Soprano's (not sure how they haven't gotten sued yet) in nearby Campbelltown has excellent brick oven pizza.

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      My parents have often wondered the same thing, especially since some of their pizzas are named after Sopranos characters. The food there is great, though, including the pizza, stromboli, and dinners. Annie's on the corner is a great place for dessert if your little one likes soft ice cream!

      The lack of responses here says a lot about the lack of good mom and pop places in the area. I grew up in nearby Lebanon, and my parents complain about how tough it is to find decent restaurants in the area. Hershey is filling up with more and more chains to appeal to tourists.

      Though it's more of a sit-down place than a bakery, I recommend the Hershey Pantry for breakfast. It can get busy on weekends, but it's the best breakfast around, at least that I know of.

    2. Haven't been here in a while but when I was, it was good:

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        Hello! I'm back and here to give a report on where we ended up. We arrived in town and checked into our hotel right around dinnertime. Since our 3yr old had not napped, despite the 6 hours' drive, we opted for dinner at Soprano's which turned out to be less than 5 minutes from our hotel. Neither DS nor DH were in the mood for pizza, so instead DH got the lasagna, I had the eggplant parmagiana sandwich and DS ordered chicken fingers. DH's dinner came with Italiian wedding soup that I tasted and thought was pretty good. The garlic bread they served us before the meal was also quite tasty. I was not impressed by the eggplant parm sandwich though. Had they added some of whatever was on the garlic bread, it would have helped immensely. I did not try any of DH's lasagna, but he said it was good. I think the next time we might come here, I'd strongarm at least 1 other person at my table into ordering the pizza. Maybe the pizza is the best item on their menu?

        Lunch the next day after a visit to Chocolate World was at Breads and Cheese of Hershey which we LOVED. DH and I both had the spinach-feta soup to start. He got the Monte Cristo sandwich (served w/ maple syrup to dip it into -- genius!); I had the veggie strata, a special that day. DS enjoyed his ham/cheese pocket sandwich w/ chips. We also shared some dessert pastries and those were fabulous. The weather was perfect, so we ate outside at one of the 2 or 3 tables in front of the building.

        We liked Breads and Cheese so much, we tried to return on our way back, but alas! It was a Monday and they were closed. Our 2nd choice was Chocolate Avenue Grill which was also quite good, but in a different way. (I'd learned of them via a search here.) I had the fish 'n chips. The cod was wonderfully breaded/fried (not greasy at all); the fries were 'seasoned' with Old Bay which was certainly interesting, but they were on the salty side and I couldn't finish them. Thank goodness I'd ordered coleslaw as an extra side -- that helped cut some of the salty flavor from the fries, and the coleslaw itself was creamy goodness. DS got chicken tenders, but at least it was a little different than the norm on kids' menus -- with a coconut breading and a side of mandarin orange slices. DH had the catfish po'boy that came with what I'm pretty sure were homemade potato chips. They sure tasted like it.