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Apr 26, 2012 01:19 PM

Big D's Smokehouse - CFM (Calgary)

Went there today to try it out. My thoughts:

- They have a very limited selection of BBQ sauces - spicy and mild. There were hard to tell apart, they were thick (eww), and they had smoke flavour (cheaters!) added. I want to say it was Bull's Eye.

- Pork ribs were too dry. They were covered in BBQ sauce, which I guess adds to their smokiness by way of cheating.
- Beef ribs were good, but almost a little too smoked to the point of acrid.
- Beef brisket was alright. It was comparable to Holy Smoke's, but it certainly wasn't any more moist or tender.
- Corn bread was terrible. Way, way too dry.
- Loved the spicy coleslaw.
- I strongly suspect the wood used is either 100% hickory or mesquite. That's a little too pungent, there should be some applewood or other milder wood added for balance.

I suppose some of it is personal preference, however thick, sweet, added smoke BBQ sauce I find is completely unacceptable and ruins most everything it touches. I didn't find it any smokier than Holy Smoke, even with the cheater sauce.

Overall if Holy Smoke gets an 8/10 from me than this place gets 6/10. They need to drastically improve the BBQ sauces and reformulate their smoking wood proportions.

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  1. Where is Big D’s Smokehouse???

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    1. re: derfster

      Calgary Farmers Market (CFM).

      Nothing worse than all smoke and no meat flavor to me. I haven't tried Big D's because I hate maneuvering parking and exiting CFM but that's a whole other thread. Maybe I'll get there some time.

      1. re: TSAW

        Ditto, ditto, ditto.

        I'll stick with Holy Smoke on every count, not just those you mentioned.

    2. I avoid CFM at all costs. I also think many of the food vendors can actually pass off a lower quality product for more money, just because they have a somewhat captive market, and folks are under the illusion that they are getting something special jsut because it's at the CFM.

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      1. re: nonlinear

        Although I can't say that I avoid it at all costs, I totally agree with this theory. I keep trying new stands there, and continue to be unimpressed.

        Big D's seemed like fairly amateur back yard BBQ when I tried it. Totally lacked any sort of balance between smoke, seasoning and vinegar that one would expect out of a real BBQ joint. I hate that overly sweet, thick sauce with artificial smoke flavour.

        A shame so much of the prepared food is over priced and under delivers at the CFM.

        Off topic: I will admit the dim sum skewers with a little chili oil, vinegar and/or chinese hot mustard are pretty dang good if find yourself in need of a snack. Super nice people too.