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Apr 26, 2012 11:46 AM

Quick and cheap breakfast close to Eaton Centre or the Distillery District?

Where would you go for a quick and cheap breakfast on a Sunday? I want to avoid long lines at popular brunch spots, ie no 20$ eggs benedict! A cafe could fit the bill as well, as long as it is open early on a Sunday. As always, thanks for the advice!

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  1. If quick and cheap are your only criteria, try Times Square on the Esplanade east of Jarvis. Basic greasy spoon breakfasts served exactly that way.

    1. The Senator is close to Eaton Centre and you can't go wrong there!

      1. Second Senator. A cheaper and pretty basic breakfast can be had at Mutual Street Deli.

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        1. re: garfield

          I didn't think Mutual Street Deli was open Sundays. Is it?

          1. re: Googs

            This site says they open at 7:00. Though I myself haven't been there on a Sunday.

        2. Morning Glory on the south side of King East just before the bridge to the DVP. Walking distance to the distillery.

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            Morning Glory is definitely good. It does get busy on nice days, though, so the OP may have a wait. Tricky to do in such a wee space. Still, definitely among the best breakfast options near the Distillery.