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Apr 26, 2012 11:43 AM

Red Medicine tasting menu

Does Red Medicine do a tasting menu? If so have you had it? When? How much? How was it? How many courses? Bev pairings?

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    1. In the past they have done special menus. Here is a link from last Valentines Day tasting menu. No tasting menu is currently offered at the moment.

        1. Went last night to Red Medicine and had dinner and dessert... great meal! Get the Birch Ice good! I asked the server after, and she told me Chef Kahn does do a tasting menu... I believe she said a 6 or 7 course menu... so it might be worth a call to confirm with the restaurant!

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            They do offer 2 tastings. It's not on their actual menu but you can always request it. I don't recall the specifics in terms of how many courses but they are $60 and $85, a much better deal than ordering a la carte. I just did their $85 tasting less than a month ago. There was maybe around 5 savory courses, including foie gras, sweetbreads, halibut, lamb, a veggie dish, coconut bavarois, an another dessert. This was for 1. Portion sizes are about the same as the 'a la carte' menu, so it's a lot of food.

            Just b/c a restaurant doesn't list a tasting in their menu doesn't mean you can't ask. In some cases, chefs might be flexible enough to add courses and do special requests.

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              Actually I think there might have been 5-7 savory courses, including white asparagus from holland (everyone seems to be doin that dish these days, lol) and some sort of crudo dish in a bowl. If you look at what you get for the $$$, RM is hard to beat. You're almost paying portland prices for top notch fine dining.

          2. For a party of 8 or more, you must do a chef coordinated menu consisting of 2 cold dishes, 3 hot or Large format, 3 small plates and 2 deserts. We did the following:

            Heirloom Black Carrots - very good
            Amberjack - very good
            Halibut - nice presnetation
            Lamb - one of our favorites
            Wagyu Beef Brisket - another favoritie
            crispy spring roll - good but not great
            Pork Rilette - interesting presentation and tasty
            Brussels Sprouts - always a winner

            Dessert - Coconut Bavqrois and Bitter Chocolate - Group loved them both. I was stuffed and passed.

            There is no place like Red Medicine and everyone really enjoyed it.