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Apr 26, 2012 11:16 AM

Non-restaurant eats in Victoria (to take back to Vancouver)?

Hi everyone. I'm looking for recommendations on food items to buy in Victoria that I can't buy in Vancouver.

To clarify, I'm NOT talking about restaurants.

For example, is there a certain pastry from a bakery that can't be missed? Something interesting at a specialty shop? Anything along those lines would be great. Thanks!

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  1. The bread from Fol Epi is essential. Best bread in the province. Other than that, maybe coffee from Fernwood or Discovery?

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    1. re: peter.v

      Ooh, that place looks great, and I'm running an errand just a few blocks from there. Perfect, thanks!

    2. Head on down to Fort street and pick up some great charcuterie from Choux Choux

      A little further east on Fort is Hillary's Cheese shop (their Victoria outpost - main space is in Cowichan Bay).

      Over near Fol Epi, the Moon Under Water brewpub features excellent very English style ales - not all that easy to find in Vancouver

      Over on Oak Bay - The Whole Beast makes some wonderful cured and smoked charcuterie products, and their pickles and preserves are quite wonderful

      If you're up in Saanich, and fancy some spirits, Victoria Spirits has a few more spirits besides their wonderful Gin that's fairly widely available in Vancouver. The hemp vodka is quite smooth and nutty.

      Those and the above mentioned Fol Epi bread are among the goodies I like to bring back home to Vancouver.

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      1. re: kinnickinnik

        Good list kinnickinnik. Especially second the recommendation for the Whole Beast, which has a ridiculously large selection of excellent house made charcuterie. Love the pepperoni.

        Another idea: truffles from Chocolat (not to mention their excellent house made chocolate bars).

      2. Fol Epi bread for sure. I would also suggest, though it isn't strictly food, teas from Silk Road.

        1. Thanks for the ongoing suggestions! I forgot to mention I eat fish only but many of these are still great (as I'm sure I'm not the only one with this question). Is there a particular cheese or tea that stands out?

          The pickles intrigue me...

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          1. re: queueueuq

            The Japanese Sour Cherry green tea from Silk Road is very unusual and lovely.

            I would also recommend the Cinnamon Dip Bagels from Mount Royal Bagel Company (1115 North Park - near Pandora and Cook St). They're amazing fresh from the bakery.

          2. Okay, was going to suggest the meat pies fom the Dutch Bakery but seeing you only eat fish maybe the Flyer Saucer cookies if you like almonds. So nostalgic that place!