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Potato Chips

Who makes the best potato chips, local or otherwise?

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  1. Are you talking about freshly made chips in a restaurant, or bagged chips? If bagged, we can only talk about local producers on this forum.

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      Ideally local, bagged. But I'd like to know about top notch restaurant chips too.

    2. The salt and black pepper chips at Cheeky Monkey are great - sliced uber thin and greasy, though I don't think they sell them in larger bags.

      1. bagged form zapps cajun crawtater flavor from new orleans, the salt and vinegar from busters are pretty solid, but I always ask for more vinegar...

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          Second on the chips at Busters.

          I also have to throw in a mention of the "gringo gringo nachos" at 3 tiers. I have no idea whether they make the actual chips, but this plate is a hot mess of kettle chips, barbecue sauce, bacon, peppers, and I can't remember what else. Awesome in just the right ridiculous sort of way.

        2. Herbs, Ketchup chips from Menards. I'm pretty sure these were just a one time promo buy for them, not at all locations. Had a few packs left @ Coon Rapids yesterday. Theses might be an acquired taste but i loved the Old Dutch Ketchup chips from my Winterpeg days, and these are pretty darn good.

          1. Third on the chips from Busters. You get a monster basket and they are fried to order, served with a great onion dip. Stomach is grumbling just thinking about them.

            From the store, I really like Cape Cod kettle chips. Give those a shot if you can find them (I normally get them at Kowalski's).

            1. I'm addicted to the Kettle Brand sea salt chips that Costco sells (also avail at Byerlys/Lunds and some reg. grocery stores). Huge bag and super tasty, maybe a bit on the greasy for some people, but I love them as they go great with my homemade sour cream/chive dip. It doesn't look like they are local (based in Oregon), but they do have a factory in Beloit, WI.

              One place I found to have (surprisingly) good potato chips is Parma. They are thin cut, freshly fried and covered in some sort of garlic-y salt and they toss some parmesan (I think) cheese and herbs on them.

              1. i can only eat 10 bags of Dirty Sweet potato chips, they are that good!

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                  Man, thanks everybody. Going to Cheeky Monkey and Buster's tonight for dinners. I'll have to mail order some of these other ones. Menard's is a surprise outlet.

                2. Bagged: Old Dutch, Dutch Crunch Jalepeno Cheddar flavor--utterly addictive.

                  1. Poore Bros. makes some dynamite kettle chips as well, but I think you have to mail order them for the Twin Cities.


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                      Pat's Tap on Nicollet has handmade chips - very good.

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                        Agreed on Poore Bros. - got hooked on those visiting friends in AZ. I believe Boulder Canyon chips are made by the same company and you can find those in many stores around the Cities.

                      2. Merlin's Rest has some homemade chips too! I'm from the west coast so I love getting pickle chips here!

                        1. if you like heat, the apple farm/candy store on 169 in Jordan has Blair's Habanero chips.

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                            That store is awesome. What a great excuse to go back. Tried Cheeky Monkey- addicting and simple. Merlin's Rest is always bomb- best bar in town. Buster's is on my list. I'm going to mail order some of these other ones. Thanks everybody.

                          2. As a FYI, the Menards in Golden Valley had Poore's Bros. chips in this past Sunday. "Family" sized bags for $3.99. They had the Jalapeno, BBQ, Salt and Vinegar, and one other I can't remember, might have just been "regular" as if it had been one of the more "different" flavors like the Mole, I would have remembered.

                            1. I like the Chocolate Covered ones from Regina's Fine Candies in St. Paul. I"m sure that's not what you had in mind, but they are really delicious!