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Apr 26, 2012 10:03 AM

lunch date today with husband-midtown east-ish--suggestions?

I work on Madison and 52nd and he works on 3rd ave and 46th....whats a good, not pricey ($15 and under entrees) place to meet for a day date? (we have a toddler so alone time is precious!)

Any cuisine is fine (know about Prime Burger, Burger Heaven, Bill's)


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  1. Tenpenny is a little over your budget but the food is supposed to be very, very good. Alternatively, if he doesn't mind walking north a bit, there's a little restaurant row on 53rd between 2nd and 3rd - Social Eatz, O Bao, Peking Duck House, Kati Roll (though not really for sit-down, but you could eat outside). People also recommend Pampano Taqueria in the food court on 49th and 3rd.

    1. The National has good sandwiches and salads for about $15.

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        Thanks all. We went to Dig Inn on 53rd b/w lex and 3rd. pretty decent healthy fare at good prices. you build your own "market plate" choosing a protein (chicken, meatballs, tofu, brisket), grains or salad and 3 veggie sides. perfect for something different during the work week,