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Apr 26, 2012 09:53 AM

not to miss in nashville

We will be in Nashville for a week in early June. Looking for bars and restaurants not to miss.

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  1. You'll find lots of threads here that go in great detail, but I'll throw out some of my favorites.

    City House
    The Patterson House
    Yazoo Brewery Tour
    Corsair Spirits Tour
    Holland House

    What part of the city are you staying in?

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    1. re: pete k

      I would add on Mas Tacos and Monell's (if you can't make it to Arnold's...though if you're here a whole week and don't have daytime obligations, you should). Mas Tacos is conveniently across from Holland House too.

    2. Have you read any of the previous threads on Nashville? Everyone's best recs have been listed many times before. Not to be difficult, but there's a wealth of information already here. If you have questions or criteria that these recs don't hit, then enlighten us.

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      1. re: TLF

        Pete K: Expect more hospitality in Nashville than TLF's snark suggests. Clearly s/he is EXTREMELY busy and doesn't have time to waste on random internet posts, but don't let that color your expectations of the city

        1. re: Allen_Rick

          That wasn't snark. That was pointing out that such a broad, unfocused question is difficult to answer (see StrandedYankee's post below), and that a lot of information could be had simply by reading previous threads that were both as unfocused and more specific. Once they've gotten the lay of the land, or if they could be moved to provide more guidance as to what they are looking for, then we can provide more helpful answers. The goal, after all, is to provide information that will be useful to the poster. Yes?

          I noticed that you didn't spend any time answering the question yourself, did you? Please feel free.

      2. Some info about what you would consider "not to be missed" would help recommendations. I mean, do you want "elevated" food and cocktails? Do you want microbreweries with great burgers? Hardcore Southern food specialties? The barbecue places and lunch spots that the actual Nashville people go to? What is your idea of "not to be missed"?

        1. Thanks everyone. I'm new to this site so please bear with me. We will be in Nashville for the CMA festival in June. We're from San Francisco and we are foodies and like good, casual restaurants. Looking to experience southern food eg. fried chicken, classic southern dishes,bbq, and east coast seafood. Prefer restaurants the are reasonablly priced - not high brow and expensive unless they are really top shelf. We get a lot of that in SF and prefer sampling local favorites. Currently have reso' at Watermark and Germantown Cafe. Are they good?

          Any cool sites not to miss would also be great. We plan to check out Loveless Cafe, Bluebird, Ryman.