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Apr 26, 2012 09:07 AM

cole slaw

Looking for good coleslaw -simple with oil and not full of vinegar and sugar like so many.

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  1. pickle barrel. sugar and vinegar, but really not to the extreme.

    1. Yitz's Deli coleslaw is terrific - uniformly loved by all of our guests who've had it.

      1. I like the cole slaw at Black Camel. Also United Bakery.

        1. If you're in the near west-end, I can recommend the vinegar cole slaw at Super K on lower Roncesvalles, around Galley Avenue. No sugar, and addictive.

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          1. re: pearl3

            The Pickle Barrel chain ordinarily isn't up to much, but its vinegary cole slaw - mentioned above - has always been first-rate, if you prefer that style. (Easy to take price as well.) If there's much sugar in its slaw, I don't detect it. The small Nortown chain also features a solid, vinegary slaw in its prepared foods section. I've never cared for the much sweeter mayo-laced version of cole slaw. Lame. It has no zip. For timid appetites.

            1. re: juno

              I was just thinking about where I could buy some good coleslaw from in this city. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!