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Apr 26, 2012 09:07 AM


Hi Chounds!

I bought a bag of coleslaw mix the other night for tacos and I have wayyyy too much leftover. Any ideas for what to do with it all? I'd hate for it to go to waste.


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  1. add salt,sugar,cider vinegar, freshherbs,grated cukes,pepper and let marinate overnite

    1. Funny I just made a batch of spring rolls and crispy egg rolls with a left over coleslaw mix I had on hand. I like the raw mix just slightly wilted for the spring rolls (quick dip in hot/ice bath) and then I add mint, thai basil, rice noodles and steamed, sliced shrimp. For the crispy egg rolls I pan fry the mix with a touch of sesame oil and rice vinegar and fine dice the shrimp, roll and quick fry in peanut oil or bake. Hope this helps.

      Otherwise, a quick slaw for any number of uses during the week is handy. I've added defrosted frozen peas to slaw to add another texture and used slaw on hot or cold sanwiches.

      Do you enjoy mayo, oil/vinegar or both in coleslaw?

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      1. re: HillJ

        I like both in my coleslaw.

        Your spring rolls sound delish!

        1. re: sprytelyte

          Me too yet I tend to go vinegar only alot more these days. If you give spring rolls a try, pls. report back. It's a versatile little purse of a flavor that I really enjoy.

        2. re: HillJ

          I stir fry the coleslaw mx in the same way that you make the egg rolls. I add in small cubes of tofu and top with baked wontons

        3. try's mu shu in moments recipe. It is a big hit in my house.

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            Ha! Don't you love a recipe with "in moments" in the title but a list of 20 ingredients. If you have the ingredients on hand tho, this is a nice quick meal.

            1. re: daphnar

              I was actually going to suggest this too. It's funny, my sister sent it to me years ago and I had no idea it was on Epicurious.

              I agree with HillJ though, it takes more than moments! Especially since I always saute the cut up pieces of chicken breast which adds another step. But it is tasty!

            2. You can add it to meatloaf and it keeps it juicy, and adds vegetables to your dinner.

              1. Pulse it in your food processor and then make a creamy cole slaw a la Chick-fil-a and eat it on some vinegary pork bbq sandwiches.