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Apr 26, 2012 07:33 AM

Real Food BBQ on Hwy 12 west of Sebastopol

Finally went to this little outdoor gem next to Bill's Farm Basket at Sexton Road.

Was drawn in by fish tacos, but switched order to bbq chicken plate for $8. Got a leg/thigh, beans, real mashed potatoes and coleslaw with lots of house-made mild, hot sauce.

The smokey flavored chicken was under done, so I put it into cooler for the next day.

Everything else was perfect. The portions were large, the sauce picked up the beans, the potatoes were worth eating right away.

The fish tacos looked good and, according to Yelp reviews, the brisket is best.

The place is rarely open - Thursday - Sunday 11:30-6, so plan to stop en route to Bodega.

Oh if a clean kitchen is your thing, this place is a bit rustic. Didn't appear to be hot and cold running water or stainless steel anything. While there may have been picnic tables outside, this looked like more of a place to pick up prepared food.

I'd return for the brisket.

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  1. Bill's has provided a home for a variety of BBQ smokers over the years, some better than others. At one time Mark Malicki worked out of there. Thanks for reporting on the latest, I've been wanting to get over there since reading out it on Biteclub.

    During the off-season, I've had a chance to check out some of the newcomers to the North Bay BBQ scene. Some promising, some not.

    1. >The smokey flavored chicken was under done ... Everything else was perfect<

      The everything else was not the meat, which is what barbecue is about. If they undercook the chicken, I don't see a reason to stop there.

      1. No barbecue vendor currently attached to Pony Espresso cafe, adjacent to Bill's Farm Basket. They're hoping to find someone by the time summer rolls around again.