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Apr 26, 2012 06:27 AM

Looking for private dining venue for Business dinner in Vancouver -- June 2012

I'm looking for a good place to hold a business dinner in either a private/semi-private room in Vancouver at the beginning of June. We'll be staying at the PanPacific so someplace not too far would be ideal. We also have one vegetarian, so someplace that would be able to accomodate that would be great.

Any thoughts from the Chowhounders out there?


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      1. re: chijanet

        In addition to my suggestion below, Consider Yew - a short walk from your hotel.
        Your group would fit in their lovely enclosed wine room

    1. Five Sails, right in the Pan Pacific is excellent and offers private dining (10-20 people) with a view:
      They and any good restaurant will be able to accommodate a vegetarian diet. Just let them know your needs when discussing menus.

      1. Market by Jean-Georges in the Shangri-La Hotel (Alberni & Thurlow) has private rooms to book: