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Apr 26, 2012 05:34 AM

grilled oysters

I am lucky enough to live near the ocean and a wholesale oyster producer who has the best oysters "per se" . I love grilled oysters and would like to hear your different best grilled oysters. I love them just grilled with a splash of lemon, but i am also looking to expand my palate.

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    1. Chop up some bacon and cook until crispy. Start the oysters on the grill when you would add the lemon (either when partially cooked and starting to open or if you grill them on the half shell) add a touch of garlic butter, the bacon "bits" and some finely grated Parmesan cheese to each.

      1. On the half shell with a vodka martini. Heaven ........ and there's no grill to clean.

        1. I'd 86 the grate and put them directly in the coals. When they pop open, they're done. Open, garnish how you like, and eat them directly out of the shells.

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            Even on a grate, this works well. I often suggest it to folks who are unable/afraid to shuck. Drawn butter is a treat to serve with them. In addition to more traditional sauces, I have also enjoyed them with a dab of cilantro pesto made with garlic and green chiles.

            Another oyster cooking technique that is often overlooked is steaming them. If you are in a place where oysters are abundant, it is a cool way to enjoy them that many have not experienced before.

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              can you please explain how to steam them?

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                It's quite easy, basically just like steaming clams. Clean the oysters, place them over an inch or so of boiling water. You can add some celery, lemon, garlic, oinion, bay leaves, etc. to the water if you like. Steam until they open - probably 5 to 6 minutes. It may take a bit longer if they are real big.

                We use a turkey fryer base and a large pot to do a bunch at once, but a small steamer on the stove top works great too.

                Here's a link that may help as well:


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                I love the giant Pacific oysters steamed with XO sauce.

            2. Maybe you can glean something useful from the menu page of this site - they grill oysters as their specialty. I have been to their Gulfport and Sarasota locations - absolutely delicious.