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Apr 26, 2012 04:48 AM

Iron Roost (Ballston Spa) . . .anyone been?

Walked by Iron Roost, just down the street from The Whistling Kettle . . .in the former Satsumi, Chickory location.

Anyone been?

Gourmet waffles, cafe atmosphere, sweet & savory:

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  1. Went to the Iron Roost recently. Reminds me of a place that could be on historic Front Street in the city (Jack's Stir Brew Coffee or Barbarini Alimentari) . . .light and airy, hardwood floors, brick walls, two cozy seating areas with couches. A low table with crayons and stools with cushions for the mini wafflers and little Wafflettes. Books, candles and plants. A fresh flower on your table. A Community bulletin board. The space and decor makes you feel comfortable. It has a good energy about it. Like The Jonesville Store used to feel.

    Now on to the food . . .

    I started with a Savory. The bruschetta - open faced waffle with classic tomato topping, chiffonade spinach, fresh basil and balsamic drizzle. The tomatoes were not-quite-summer tomatoes. The balsamic drizzle added sweetness. Very fresh. I will try something different next time. Maybe the grilled cheese.

    I had some Sweets.

    Tasted the PBJ - warm peanut butter flavored waffle sticks with strawberry preserves for spreading. Menu says they're for mini wafflers and wafflettes. Yes, they let grown-ups order them also. Lucky me :) Very good. Couldn't finish it all. A good value at $4.

    The waffles are very fresh. Warm and soft. If you like your waffles crispy maybe they'll bake them longer if you ask.

    Also tried the Waffle Sticks. Got the classic version with caramel dipping sauce. Now if they were salted waffles with caramel I would have been in heaven! will definitely try this again but with a different sauce.

    Have to go back and taste the Double Blueberry Doozy next. Double stacked blueberry Belgian waffles with berries and cream in and on each layer. Yum!

    Will definitely go back . . .for coffee, a casual meeting, breakfast, lunch . . .

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      Sounds delicious! Thank you for calling attention to them.

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        I received an email this morning that Groupon members are being offered a deal on The Iron Roost. As of 7 pm tonight, more than 560 of the deals had been sold. The offer looks like it ends Thursday night around midnight.. This is likely to get them some good exposure.

      2. Went back recently for breakfast with some friends visiting from out of town. Some of us had waffles. Others had eggs. Everyone enjoyed their meals.

        Also went for lunch and had chicken salad on a waffle. Wasn't sure how they's pull this off. It was actually a very thin waffle, more like a crepe. Undersalted, otherwise very good.

        Love the location, vibe and menu. Food is very good, often locally sourced.

        1. The Iron Roost was mentioned in the NY Times article about Ballston Spa: