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Apr 26, 2012 03:18 AM

Rehearsl Dinner suggestions for TO

Hi folks,

I'm new to the boards. :) Hoping you can help me! I am trying to find a restaurant to host my wedding rehearsal dinner.

We are getting married at Enoch turner Schoolhouse so we are looking for something not far from there (King and Parliament) Hopefully a restaurant in the downtown Toronto area (somewhere near distillery is great too).

We'd prefer something that can provide a private room (20-25 people) and not totally break the bank.

Any suggestions would be so helpful, thanks!!

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  1. I'd suggest you search "rehearsal" using the site's search function. There are a number of threads on this topic! I'd avoid the tourist trappish restaurants in the Distillery District. Pantheon and Megas are 2 affordable restaurants that can handle a group of 20-25, and are relatively close to King and Parliament.
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    Rehearsal dinner ideas near the Danforth or the Beach

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      cool thanks prima, I'll check out the restaurants you mention as well as the links you attached. This is how new I am at this -hadn't thought of that. Thanks again!

    2. I didn't check the various threads that prima linked but off the top of my head, you might try Gilead Cafe, Weezie's (though neither has a private room), Terroni on Adelaide (they do have private rooms that could accommodate a group your size and you can pre-order family platter style, which is fun). You're also pretty close to Leslieville - haven't been but maybe Li'l Baci or Goods and Provisions would work?

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        Gilead, Weezie's, Lil' Baci or Good and Provisions would all be solid choices in the area. The challenge would be their size. For any of these to work I think it would require a buyout. Depending on the which night of the week it s, it may be reasonable but if it is say a Friday night, not so much so.

        1. re: JennaBean

          Thanks peppermint pate and JennaBean! I will start researching some of these. It will be a Friday so a buyout might be pricey, I agree!

        1. re: sloweater

          cool thanks, I'll shoot them off an email :)

          1. re: shawnafawna

            We had 20 people at Papillon (on Eastern, but there is also a location on Front) this weekend, and it worked out fantastic. We had a semi private room, and a dedicated waitress. Our waitress was fantastic, and the restaurant did a great job of accomodating our various requests. We were able to tweak our menu to get the price where we needed it to be, and everyone LOVED the food.

            Great recommendation for Papillon on the Park (And they have dedicated free parking, which was a great relief for many of our out of town guests- we did not want them to have to deal with Toronto street parking!)

            Good luck

            1. re: shocked

              thanks so much shocked, I'm going to look into this now! :)

          2. Oro on Elm. Held our rehearsal there last September. Great private room, food and service were solid. Reasonable prices. Very central for visitors. Exceeded our expectations.