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Apr 26, 2012 02:47 AM

" Caviar in a Pod "

Fine piece this week in the NY Times regarding the peas of Provence. Last PM I tasted a superb chilled pea & mint soup at La Petite Cave in Saginon made with Provence peas, accompanied by
a Langoustine Mousse.A splendid purée de choux fleurs served with impecalbly prepared scallops was also a unique treat.
There's not a better restaurant in the area...and the ambiance and service were charming.
Happily they're now serving Sunday lunch.

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  1. This has become my diner...the best meal in the Luberon! Will have to try this pea soup. I adore their duck rillettes with fig jam and cornichons, but a good pea soup sounds fantastic. Finally somewhere to go for Sunday lunch as well.

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      In south of France, peas indeed are something that brings an excitement to the seasons.
      And seasons are important. All peas are season-specific. Since the peas are basis of many soup recipes in the south, there is often a distinction of winter recipes and summer recipes.
      So make certain you hit the right peas the right season. :-)