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Apr 25, 2012 10:49 PM

Agriturismo with great restaurant

I'm planning a trip to Italy and will have four days or so in Tuscany. I would like to stay at a nice agriturismo that has an excellent restaurant. It need not be fancy, as I'm looking for superb, local, rustic fare. Any thoughts?

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  1. Fairly actively discussed on Italy boards recently.

    1. Tuscany is a very large region, producing many different wines and with different food in its various parts. Also, Tuscan agriturismi focus on different things -- some produce olive oil, some cultivate saffron or fruits, some keep bees for honey or raise animals for cheese or slaughter. Have a particular interest?

      More than one person has recommended to me this agriturismo in Tuscany for its food, but I've yet to go, so you would need to track down reviews:

      1. Not sure I would label it an agriturismo Castello di Gargonza is a lovely castle village with lodging + a restaurant that is part of a large estate - they use their own estate olive oil, wild boar, and other items from the property in the cuisine. Very well located for touring, near Monte San Savino and the A1

        There are many such in Tuscany.

        I am not sure about viewing or participating in agricultural activities if that is your interest, however.

        1. Look at the other current thread on Agriturismo in Tuscany.