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Apr 25, 2012 10:48 PM

Green Tea Kit Kat / Pocky

A friend recently came back from Japan and I tasted the most amazing and most delicious green tea flavoured Kit Kat and Pocky.

Would anyone happen to know if it is at all possible to purchase these wonderful treats in Vancouver?

Many thanks!

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    1. re: fmed

      There's also a candy store on the top floor by the food court of Aberdeen Mall in richmond that has the kitkat. strawberry flavour too. i've also had the (mis)fortune? of trying the soy sauce flavour kitkat. strange.

      1. re: mrbitterpants

        I actually kind of liked the soy sauce KitKat (but I love anything salty+sweet).

        focioncroci: if you're open to online ordering, I've bought from before and everything was fine, well before the expiry dates. Here's their KitKat section:

    2. I've definitely seen green tea kitkats at konbinya on robson.

      1. Thank everyone! I went to Konbinya on Robson and found green tea kit kats, as well as strawberry ones!

        Thanks for the other suggestions, too! I will check out those other places also for other japanese treats. I am very intrigued by the soy sauce kit kat.

        No luck with green tea pocky, however. But I will check out the other places suggested and report back.

        1. Found some at T&T today. Not bad, very subtle IMO.