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Apr 25, 2012 10:40 PM

How to can homemade tomato sauce?

I developed a couple of recipes for homemade tomato sauce using tomatoes from the garden, so these are not recipes that have been tested and proven with regards to canning.

One sauce is a quick-cooked sauce using fresh herbs, another is a longer-cooked sauce using dried herbs. Neither has meat, but if I decided to incorporate meat into the longer-cooked sauce, I'd like to can it as well.

So, how can I safely can these three types of tomato sauces?

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  1. Everything you could ever need to know is here:

    If you use meat, you'll need a pressure canner.

    1. Be sure to check out this site, The National Center for Home Food Preservation, for the complete USDA guidelines on home canning and preserving:

      1. Yes, I recommend looking at the guides to home canning. High acid can be water-bathed, meat and low acid need pressure canning. I have never done pressure canning. I've only canned tomatoes, not the sauce. I find it easier to just make the sauce as needed.

        1. Agree with all that's been said so far. Read up on canning.

          standard tomato sauce only needs water bath canning.

          If you make a tomato sauce with meat in it or cooked in it, you would need to pressure can using the longest time recommended for whatever type of meat you used.

          Example just for the sake of it:

          Let's say you made a 'gravy' containing beef, pork, and lamb, and you want to can it.
          If proper beef pressure canning suggests 90 minutes @ 10 lbs, pork for 100 minutes @ 10 lbs, and lamb for 110 minutes @ 10 lbs...

          ...then you would use the lamb's canning time/pressure for the whole thing because it requires the longest time and would equally process the other meats in their needed time.

          I hope this makes sense.

          1. You need to pressure can the meat sauce.