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Apr 25, 2012 09:19 PM

Searching for the long lost San Francisco Special Egg Foo Yung

Years ago my father took us to a restaurant in Chinatown that served a special type of Egg Foo Yung. It wasn't your typical flat style but was a brown deep fried lump that was covered in a brown sauce. It was crispy on the outside with a nice soft interior. Soooooooo good! I've never found it anywhere in my travels and never in SF. Does anyone have any idea where I could locate such a mysterious delectable treat?

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  1. I dunno about the deep fried thing you described (never saw one) but I am looking for what I think of as former trad EFY. That would be 3 pan-fried pancakes containing eggs, bean sprouts and the specified meat -- usually little shrimp or BBQ pork, and also some other stuff as well. These are covered with a simple light-brown gravy (probably chicken) and accompanied by a mound of rice.

    In recent years, when I order EFY I get one massive pancake with some veggies and maybe sprouts in it, and sitting on top is a meat and sauce stir-fry. Not the same concept at all!

    Does anyone know a place in Marin serving the old-style egg foo yung?

    1. old-fashioned EFY at Golden Rice Bowl across from San Tung on Irving st. Wok- fried in plenty of oil with a creamy center and crispy exterior. The owner is amicable with great hospitality. Also a real greasy version at Wooey Looey Gooey, Chinatown. Not as crispy.

      Could Rice Bowl's be what you long for? Made me feel back East.

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        At Garden restaurant (kearny & clay, sf)

      2. Sounds like the one at Wooey Luey Gooey, Chinatown, SF an odd little time warp in a basement three steps down. Fun to watch the bodiless legs walking by the windows. They have many old fashioned dishes.

        Although I've always been told EFY is an American dish I've also been told that there is something close to it in Taishan cooking. WLG's is shaped with a hump from cooking on the bottom of the wok. Hope it's what you're looking for.

        I rarely see it on menus.

        I wish I could find butterfly shrimp with bacon here. One Thai restaurant made it but took it off the menu. Probably it is an old fashioned American Chinese dish.

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          1. The last time I had egg foo young was at Imperial Dynasty in Hanford, CA. It wasn't even on the menu. Despite the name and over-the-top Chinoiserie of the decor, Imperial Dynasty was not a Chinese restaurant and served only continental cuisine. However, on the one occasion I dined there, a small plate of perfectly traditional American Chinatown egg foo young showed up as an amuse bouche between courses, sort of a culinary in-joke.