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Apr 25, 2012 08:44 PM


I'll be in town soon. I'd appreciate my fellow 'hounds opinions as to the best Chinese food, on-strip and off-strip. Thanks a million.

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  1. I agree! Im here now and doing my research. I have found the BEST fusion sushi, off strip!

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    1. On Strip, the place in the Ballagio.

      1. Off the strip, the shopping center at the NE corner of Jones Blvd. and Spring Mountain Road has three pretty good choices--Asian BBQ & Noodles for noodles, China Mama for Shanghai style, and H K Star for Hong Kong style. Near there on Spring Mountain is K J Kitchen, which also has a better and much pricier branch in the Rio. In Henderson, East Ocean on Eastern Ave. is quite good.

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          I think you are the first person on CH to specifically say you like the KJ at the Rio better. Could you explain why? More interesting menu? Better execution?

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            I think the food is higher in quality at the Rio location, closer in quality to what you can get in Los Angeles, BUT it's so much more expensive that it's not worth it. Personally I'm not going back to the Rio branch for that reason.

        2. Try Cathay House on Spring Mountain Rd. Here is my post in trip advisor.

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          1. re: citywayne

            Have you been to their branch in the Palms?

            1. re: Chandavkl

              No I have not. Any good? Is it the same menu?

          2. Two places I like are Noodle Pot on spring Mtn in china town and Jugoo on Maryland just N. of Tropicana in the strip mall just s. of In N Out burger