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Apr 25, 2012 07:33 PM

Best bakery in Queens and why?

I am on birthday cake duty this weekend want to find and support a great local bakery. I'm open to any type of cake. Bonus points if it's eastern queens. Whatcha got?

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  1. Buttercooky in Floral Park is very good.

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      second that!....
      Try Martha's Country in Bayside and one in Astoria...

    2. Lulu's on Union Turnpike near 186th Street is good. It's not like the great days of old but in a pinch, they do a nice job.

      1. Rudy's in Ridgewood all the way! Linzer tarts and danishes are amazing, among much else.

        1. came to the realization yesterday that Malverne Bakery in Malverne, LI is the best bakery in the entire nyc metro area--see my post on li board..............lines out the door for a reason.

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              it is ok... a cake will cost you 45 or 50 that good? for 5 or 6 people...

          1. Bayside has a couple of great bakeries. Cupcake in heels and Teaspoon bake shop.