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Apr 25, 2012 05:51 PM

Fresh Curry Leaves in Savannah?

Have been looking for fresh curry leaves in Savannah but can't find any. I did try Shivam Indian and they didn't have them and not sure when they will get them in. I'm from Philly and up there some of the stands in the farmers market carry them. Has anyone seen them in Savannah at either a different Indian store or a grocery store or a farmers market?

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  1. cook262, FWIW, I stopped off at Shivam this morning to pick up some chutneys and asked about fresh curry leaves. They showed me a pack of them from their refrigerated section, and said they routinely carry them. Not sure what happened with your visit, but they most decidedly have them in stock now.

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      Thank you! The fellow in the store told me there was a glitch with their supplier and had no idea when they'd get them again....glad to hear they figured it out! I make dal with them and when I made it the other week without the curry leaves, it just wasn't the same. You've made my day!

    2. Has anyone tried the new Indian grocers in Pooler? Gurukhrupa I believe it's called...I could have misspelled it....but they opened earlier this year or late last I think. I'm curious to hear reviews...

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        I'm up in NC, but here's a suggestion. Buy a curry leaf plant - Murraya Koenigii. They're easy to grow. I'm going to get one, had 'em in the past as I love to cook Tamil dishes. Seeds of India in NJ has them.

      2. Found them today at Shivam Indian!