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Apr 25, 2012 05:32 PM

MSP Airport-Great Meal

Just had dinner at the new Mill City Tavern at the airport. I think it is one of the places Lenny Russo is consulting with. Menu was reminiscent of Heartland. The meal I had was flat out great. pumpkin soup, followed by a perfect veal stew over polenta. Beer, wine, cocktail list was also first rate. Going from Chillis and McDonalds to this is a dream come true for a frequent traveller like me.

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  1. We like Kramarczuk's for breakfast, which is the meal we normally eat at the airport!

    1. I was personally really underwhelmed by the pumpkin soup, albeit impressed that I could get it at all. It was pretty badly under-seasoned. Fulton on tap offers a compelling reason to leave the Skyclub.

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      1. re: kevin47

        The game in airports has shifted. I was stranded in Indianapolis last year and found that instead of McDonalds and Cinnabon there were some "real" food offerings. The shops were not high end in any sense, but did feature healthy, local, simple food. Still doesn't make flying in an aluminum petri dish any more appealing.

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          My bowl was full of ground nutmeg and a nice drizzle of oil on top. Tons of flavor from the nutmeg.

        2. I can't get enough of Surdyk's Flights. I usually come an hour early and get the same thing - the prosciutto and pecorino sandwich with beet salad. Have never had more nicely prepared prosciutto.

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            +1 for Surdyk's flights, although my sandwich of choice is the Turkey with manchego, arugula, and quince paste, and I usually opt for the side of carrots. It's so good that I sometimes stop in after I've landed to grab a sandwich to take home with me.

            Also, I'm addicted to their marcona almonds & spicy walnuts. They'll put it in a nice little resealable to-go container that is perfect for taking on the plane.

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              I love Surdyk's Flights, too! A glass of wine and a charcuterie platter were the perfect pre-flight meal for my most recent trip.