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Apr 25, 2012 05:16 PM

Dinner for 17; guest of honor is kosher

Hi all, I'm coming down for a bachelor party this summer. We're planning one large group dinner for 16-17 of us. The bachelor is Kosher so we need a place with good fish (not shell fish) options. This would be a Friday or Saturday night. Needs to be a place we can reserve. Looking to spend $25 to $50 for food; or $50 to $100 for food, drinks, tax and tip; however ideally we would be on the cheaper side unless the more expensive place is really special. Private room would be great, but not a requirement. What are our best options? Would like local flavor. GW Fins? Thanks!

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  1. GW Fins menu fits including the general food cost. I don't know the size of their private room. The party size will be the biggest challenge. Last time we were at GW Fins there was a bachelor party of of about 8 in the main dining room having a good time.

    Antoine's is the place with the many small rooms and they can satisfy with some good fish dishes but remind them to hold the crabmeat!

    1. There's likely not a place in town that can't accommodate a request if you give them enough notice. I was at a meal eons ago where Emeril himself whipped up non-offending dishes for a group where one person kept (sort-of) Kosher. He felt bad that no one called to let him know so he could pick up some acceptable fish options for the night. And this was at least 15 years ago, before people were asking for gluten-free/vegan/non-shellfish/pork as a matter of routine.

      1. Try calling the best Israeli chef in the country at Domenica and see what he can do for you. It’s the not mixing meat and dairy thing that’s difficult down here as well as all the seafood broths.

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          I second this post that domenica is the place for a delicious meal that can meet the guidelines of kashrut. But, be forewarned that it will not be a "local" flavor, but more an Italian flavor.