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Toronto Momofuku set to open July 28th

According to this:


I thought it would be closer to December. This is awesome news!

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  1. Great news. And 3 restaurants in one building -- did not know this.

    1. My source says Aug 17th, has met a number of the people Chang has hired and was impressed.

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        And Toronto Life is now reporting that Momofuku's Toronto PR rep called to correct the date to "sometime in August 2012"

      2. SO excited about this! It's about time that Toronto gets a decent ramen-ya presence. It's been way too long a time coming. Kenzo is crap. Niwatei is too far from downtown.

        Although, I felt that the ramen at Momofuku is good... My fav is Ippudo. But the Momfuku ramen blows Zenzo's out of the water!

        Also excited about Kingyo, Raijin and Kinton set to open in Toronto this year, too! Ramen mania!!

        (ps - is it obvious how ridiculously giddy i am about this? i make trips to nyc just for ramen!)

        1. I'd like to like this but need to see if he can clone the price/quality/vibe of the NYC originals. That's the grail and it will flop if he doesn't. It takes more than a name and buzz.

          1. I'm psyched. Love that there will be 2 or 3 different rooms and concepts. Exciting news indeed. Not surprising that they'll be open in time for TIFF.

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              I agree that this is very exciting news! I hope that the food and vibe on one of the floors live up to the quality of what I experienced at Ssam Bar in New York. I am interested to see what concepts he goes with here, given the differing concepts at all his New York (and now Sydney) restaurants.

            2. i hope one of those floors is something like the milk bar!

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                There will probably be a Milk Bar presence but is sure won't be a whole floor, if I was betting it will be something like the kiosk they have in the lobby at Ma Peche.

                At one point the plan for one of the floors was to be "private dining rooms"

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                  "private dining rooms"

                  Not a good sign.

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                    Who knows if that's still the plan, that was months ago and if we know one thing about Mr Chang its that plans change.

                    I'm not sure why it would be a bad thing, frankly if I'm going to round up a big group of friends to do one of the "specialty meals" (bo saam, fried chickens, etc) I might prefer to have a private room.

              2. Iwas at Momofuku Ko last month and met the chef who is coming to Toronto.
                He was either closed-mouth or still not sure about exactly what was going to actually occur in Toronto.
                Or maybe he considered it a punishment..... (only kidding!).

                Ko is superb - but I didn't think Ssam was anything special.

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                    Expand or die? Or is it expand and die? What's Chang thinking?

                  2. If it's no reservations based, it's going to make the lineups at Grand Electric look like a cakewalk. I can already feel the backlash and anti-hype coming.

                      1. Sounds like Chang will have some culinary competition under the same roof. Shangri-la's *other* restaurant, Bosk, to be helmed by Jean Paul Lourdes, "the best chef you’ve never heard of (or seen)," according to the National Post.


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                          Very interesting, thanks for posting the article.

                        2. What is the new expected opening date? Or did it open? I know David Change is in town now based on some tweets I saw.

                          1. I wonder whether its going to be similar to the NY layout - a casual (milk, noodle and to some extent ssam), a bar and a high end (Ko)....

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                                If you look at their web site they now officially list 4 restaurants in Toronto, one will be "Noodle Bar" the other three have inscrutable Asian sounding names. Chang is not a fan of repeating himself but I think it's fairly safe to assume that the Toronto noodle bar will be a close clone of the New York one. As for the other 3? only the staff know for sure, although the two guys who have moved from NYC to Toronto Sam and Mitch both worked at Ko (although Sam has more recently been at Ma Peche) I really, really doubt they will try to do something like Ko or Siebo (the Sydney one) here.