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Apr 25, 2012 02:56 PM

Menu Ideas for 65th Birthday Party

I need ideas for a menu for about 20 people for my husband's 65th birthday party. We would love to throw something on the grill but the weather in the Pacific Northwest would be pretty iffy then (July 1). Definitely want casual menu that can primarily be prepared in advance. We will eat on the deck if the weather cooperates - so buffet service. All help appreciated!

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  1. Maybe a "throwback" menu to foods that were popular in your husband's youth in the 1950's? Baked Alaska, dips of all kinds (clam dip, Lipton's classic french onion dip), Butterball turkey, Haagen Daaz (sp, sorry), and Caesar salad were purported born between 1947-1959. I'm sure you could find tons of other time-capsule recipes, but that's just one way to go. Hope you (and husband) have a beautiful time!

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      Great idea - I knew someone out there would have one!

    2. I did a 60th Birthday for my mom last year for about the same number of people.

      We did kebabs, a couple of salad options, asparagus (that was a disaster), cornbread, and some other sides and desserts that I can't recall at the moment. We also had lots of guests that decided to bring something, so that helped too.

      We assembled the kebabs the day before, and they turned out great (and gave the men at the party something to fuss over). The cornbread muffins were cooked the morning of. Veggies for salads and sides were cut the morning of, too. Overall, it was a very easy menu to deal with and it went over pretty well.