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Apr 25, 2012 01:33 PM

Eggplant Pamesan - River North, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park?

39 weeks pregnant and looking for a good eggplant parm - bonus if I can get it take out! Any suggestions?

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  1. Club Lucky in Bucktown has pretty good one.

    1. I'd be curious as well because it's been years since I found one that wasn't a gloppy, greasy train wreck. Fontano's used to make a very good eggplant parm sub but in recent years it's been unpalatable. Oddly, the cafeteria at the Board of Trade makes an unconventional (more of a eggplant parm lasagna - very thin eggplant layered like lasagna noodles) eggplant parm that's pretty good, but they only do it on Wednesdays.

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          Best eggplant parm is at Club Lago in River North. Hands down.