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Apr 25, 2012 01:32 PM

First vist to Orlando, would like a bit of advice from the locals.

Firstly I'd like to thank the board members for a whole load of very usefull information.
I'll be visiting Orlando in a few weeks with my girlfriend and her family, and i was worried that I'd struggle to avoid the tourist traps, and end up paying over the odds for sub-standard food.
After finding this board and reading through many posts I'm confident that that won't happen.
Places have made it onto my must try list so far include, The Ravenous Pig, 4 Rivers, Hawkers Asian Street Fare and Cafe Tu Tu Tango.

What i'd like some help with, is finding somewhere close to our accommodation that is worth a visit or two. We have a car for our visit, and I don't mind driving for great food, but I'd like to find somewhere close so I can have a few too many drinks with my meal some nights. The resort is the Four Corners area, Encantada on secret lake drive. From what I gather even the closer restaurants I've found, in the I-drive area mostly, will still be a fairly hefty taxi fare home.
Does anyone have suggestions on anywhere half decent in that area?
Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Johnny's Hideaway near downtown Disney is pretty good for that, its pretty hard to find a good place closer...

    if you like indian food, i'd recommend checking out Sizler, (note, one z not two z's) on I-drive just north of Sand Lake Road. amazing indian food for pretty decent prices. i was the only non-indian and non-british in the whole building.

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      thanks! I appreciate it. I like adventurous eating... will try all sorts of food... spouse is a steak & potatoes guy.... ;)

    2. secret lake is a looong way from i-drive
      your north of I4 and near irlo bronson...

      there is almost all the chains in the area you are staying...all the places you have mentioned are not anyplace you could have "one" drink and still drive back...

      im not as familiar with the area you are in as far as "local places"...we stayed at a rental house off of Funie steed rd ..but that was a few years ago..

      Yosemite sam has posted a few good lists of places ...check those also...